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larry mccoy kansas whitetail - Lethal Products


WHO: Larry McCoy – Respect The Game

WHAT: Whitetail Buck (160 4/8)

WHEN: October, 2020

WHERE: Kansas

HOW: The recent warmer weather had the deer really moving at night. I looked at the forecast and seen that there was a small cold front that was going to move in.  I decided to get out early for an evening sit. I grabbed my Elite bow, Deer decoy and headed out.  Wind was picking up and I just had that feeling. I got the decoy put out and sprayed it down with Lethal Field spray. As I got everything situated, I sprayed myself down again to contain my scent. I waited about 30 minutes and decided to rattle. I caught movement on the downwind side and the deer just continued to come my direction. I then let out a few grunts to challenge him and the bucks attitude changed, and all his hair stood up, as he approached walking sideways with his eras pinned back.  The buck gets to the decoy and turns slightly offering a shot opportunity. The arrow hit its mark and the buck piled up after going about 60 yards. Lethal Field Wipes and Field Spray allowed me to stay undetected and created this opportunity at a great Kansas Buck.​