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Staying dry is a critical part of the Lethal® system. Lethal® Boot Powder works by wicking away wetness from the skin and trapping human odors.

Unscented | Gentle on skin | Velvety Smooth | All Naturally Derived | Controls Odor & Moisture


Lethal’s Odorless Boot Powder goes on smooth and keeps your feet dry and comfortable for hours at the time.

To use, simply twist the cap to open then shake gently to apply on feet and the inside of boots as needed. For best results, use with other Lethal® products.

Product Ingredients: Corn Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Methylparaben

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water. For external use only. Use on intact skin only.

5 reviews for BOOT POWDER – ODORLESS

  1. Avatar Of Brad Likens

    Brad Likens

    I use this powder on all of my shoes, not just hunting boots. It works as well or better than other shoe powders, without the chemical smell.

  2. Avatar Of Michael Rice

    Michael Rice

    If your feet sweet a lot while in hunting boots then this is the product for you! I’ve always suffered from that exact situation and until I used this prodei thought I was gonna have to deal with it but this is not the case with the boot powder, keeps your feet dry and the smell away

  3. Avatar Of Scott Southerland

    Scott Southerland

    My feet sweat especially in rubber boots which most of my hunts require. This powder is great at preventing game spooking smells! Always helps when using rubber boots.

  4. Avatar Of Clay Sopeland

    Clay Sopeland

    Another home run for Lethal! In season, I am typically hiking from 20-60 miles per week in the Az sun. This powder is super absorbent for those hot early fall days in the woods.

  5. Avatar Of Outdoors Dan Young

    Outdoors Dan Young

    If you use this powder, your feet won’t stink! Love it!

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Lethal® Boot Powder contains corn starch to absorb moisture and sodium bicarbonate to absorb foot odor (butyric acid), without fragrances (as typically found in retail products).