Dan young Iowa whitetail - Lethal Products


WHO: Outdoor Dan Young

WHAT: Whitetail Buck

WHEN: November 29, 2020

WHERE: South Central Iowa

HOW: I used my Lethal Dirt Spray like on all my hunts! I sprayed down at the Polaris and walked in that really cold November Morning.  I was in the stand for a few hours, with Does feeding in and out of the Bean Field.  Around 9am I had this old 6 point warrior cruse in, and it was one the biggest 6 points I have ever seen.  He finally came in and gave me a 35 yard shot, and I let me arrow fly.  He went about 70 yards and we down in a river.   I had to recover him in 17 degree weather in the river up  to my shoulders.   I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on pics on this hunt, because I had to get out of my wet gear, before I got hyperthermy .   I give all the credit to Lethal Dirt spray for hiding me from these great deer.   I won’t go on a hunting without it!

Truck Iowa Buck