Dan Young Iowa Whitetail - Lethal Products


WHO:  Paul Biggs, Respect The Game TV

WHAT: Whitetail

WHEN: December 4, 2020

WHERE: Kansas

HOW: Paul Biggs Kansas Whitetail – I love the Lethal Dirt X3 Spray! I probably go through multiple bottles a deer season. Last December, the gun season of Kansas I elected to stick with my Elite EnKore and try to get the job done on a farm my wife and I own. The wind was going to be consistent the entire 3 days I was going to hunt so I decided to stick with a food source that was getting hit pretty hard.  On the 3rd evening, last light one of our hit-listers we called Southpaw stepped out and gave me a 30yard shot. The wind will always dictate where and what stand I hunt but having a proven scent elimination system like Lethal gives me the confidence to stretch my limits and get myself into killable situations.