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Lethal® Field Body Wipes eliminate odors and stickiness from perspiration as well as blood and urine after field dressing. Plus they eliminate everyday smells such as smoke, food, gas & diesel and even skunk.


Lethal’s Field Body Wipes are great for many uses! They help clean and remove dirt (and other items) while removing odors and human scent.

Directions for Field Body Wipes
Once you’ve reached your hunting spot use the Lethal® Human Scent Eliminator Field Body Wipes to eliminate perspiration and human odor

Toilet Wipe
Do you really need directions?

Aqua, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Ceteareth-12, Cetyl Palmitate, Fomes officinalis Extract, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate

*Independent testing has shown significant signs of degradation after 28 days of exposure to soil.

16 reviews for FIELD BODY WIPES

  1. Avatar Of Brad


    I have already been using these wipes when I am doing anything before season such as trimming lanes, hanging stands, etc. They don’t leave a smell and they are just so handy to clean up.

  2. Avatar Of Kristie Chau

    Kristie Chau

    I love these! I keep them on hand constantly especially during prepping season. Makes it easy to wipe ur hands before hanging stands n such or checking trail cams

  3. Avatar Of Anthony Kleinwachter

    Anthony Kleinwachter

    Not only are these great for cleaning up after a warm walk to/from a stand, but they are great for cleaning off face paint and cleaning up after a successful kill. Grab 2 packs because once you start using them, you’ll love them.

  4. Avatar Of William Simpkins

    William Simpkins

    Great products been on the pro staff team for about a year and stand beside all there products

  5. Avatar Of Shane Phillips

    Shane Phillips

    These are the perfect wipes for any situation in the field! After climbing a tree and getting into my stand, these are perfect for wiping yourself off

  6. Avatar Of Michael Rice

    Michael Rice

    Best around! Not to wet and not to dry. Makes this perfect to wipe your face if you start sweating or if nature calls after that morning cup of coffee, this is the product to get you cleaned up in a jiffy

  7. Avatar Of Tyler James

    Tyler James

    The field and body wipes Lethal makes is the best, I have used several different kinds and brands on the market and they tend to dry out or leave you greasy feeling. When I tried Lethals Field and Wipes I never felt that way again and they never dried out. When your working on tour fields in the summer getting those fields ready I highly recommend this product. You feel fresh and ready to get back to work after you wipe off the sweat and dirt off your face with this product.

  8. Avatar Of Todd Veenstra

    Todd Veenstra

    These wipes have saved me a bunch of times in the woods!

  9. Avatar Of Greg Mcpipkin

    Greg McPipkin

    Game changer for those afternoon after work hunts. “Shower” off and hit the woods!

  10. Avatar Of Adam Troxclair

    Adam Troxclair

    A must have weather it’s wiping your hands, face, or cleaning up a spill. Great product!! I keep a box in each vehicle I own

  11. Avatar Of Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan

    Great product I carry multiple packs of these, in my truck, all my packs, and keep some at the house. Multiple uses, cleaning hands, wiping down gear, and when your in a pinch…..on occasions.

  12. Avatar Of Clay Sopeland

    Clay Sopeland

    when you are in a hurry in the field, or sweaty from packing in, these are a game changer.

  13. Avatar Of Scott Southerland


    This is a great product that works. I find myself always needing to wipe my equipment or face and especially to remove face paint and these flat out work!

  14. Avatar Of Outdoors Dan Young

    Outdoors Dan Young

    I never go anywhere with out these Field wipes. I have them in my boat, and hunting pack.

    Whether it’s a nature call or dressing dish or game. Or wiping down after a warm walk in to kill bacteria. These wipes work!

  15. Avatar Of Larry Mac

    Larry Mac

    These work great! I use in the field and in the boat. Great Product!

  16. Colby English

    Colby English

    I got a lot of use out of these field wipes this season! Bow hunting on the property I manage, when work ran over and I needed to be in the tree, I would wipe down with these before heading to the woods. I hate getting in the woods later and risk spooking deer, so on days where time to shower was limited, these field wipes were a helpful tool!

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